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Mar 13, 2011 8:00am EDT
this week the president and first lady travel to south america. trade and secure the and cooperation will be among the topics discussed when the president addressed the brazil business council on saturday. >>> and big topics on fox news sunday. coming up next we'll get a preview of today's show with chris wallace. >>> and runners are out in force for the st. patty's race in downtown d.c. gwen is back with a look at the weather and a workweek preview. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.  [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. >>> well the senate rejected spending bills fro
Mar 6, 2011 8:00am EST
the union call for america to win the future. >>> on wednesday house lawmakers will re-examine the s.e.c. net neutrality rules. this comes as republican leaders speak to overturn the current set of internet access rules or pull funding from the agency. >>> on thursday president obama will host a white house conference on preventing bullying in schools. the white house says the conference will bring together students, parents and educators to discuss ways to end bullying and make schools safer for students. >>> the supreme court hands the controversial westboro baptist church a decisive victory. the high court ruled their protest of military funerals is protected speech. they talked with the woman who successfully argued the church's case and we'll have a preview. >>> a storm system rolls in from the south. gwen has her eye on it. she'll be back with today'swetter and a workweek preview for us. stay with us everyone. fox 5 morning news will be right back. >>> my first thought was eight justices don't have the common sense god gave a goat. we found out today that we can no longer bur
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2